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5mm Thundersport 300+ Ferro-Spiral Blue Race Wire

reduces weight, which is critical on a race car

ACCEL Performance
Fabbricante : ACCEL Performance
Numero Parte : 7541B
Barcode : 743047821244
ERP Code : ACC-0500

Think bigger is better? Think again. With half the diameter of today's standard spark plug wires, the Accel 5 MM 300 Ferro-Spiral Race Plug Wires are extremely flexible and offer extreme space and weight savings. With the performance of 150 ohms per foot Accel Ferro-Spiral wound alloy conductor, these wires deliver maximum energy to the spark plug and provide superior performance. The 90 degree spark plug end is finished simply run the wire, cut off excess, and terminate the distributor end. Universal 8-cylinder wire set.

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ACCEL 5mm 300 Ferro-Spiral Race wire sets put their race-winning wire core into a much smaller spark plug wire with only a 5mm jacket. This is the same maximum-energy core found in the other 300 Race wires, just in a smaller package. ACCEL 5mm 300 Ferro-Spiral Race wire sets reduce weight, which is critical on a race car, and they are easy to hide on a street rod with a custom-look engine compartment. ACCEL 5mm 300 Ferro-Spiral Race wire sets can be routed in and around places where larger wires simply cannot go, for the ultimate in good looks and custom-fit possibilities. You can hide them if you like, but they're available in great looking colors to show off, too! They're available with 90 degree plug boots to keep the spark plug wires routed as close to the engine as possible.


  • Conductive graphite coating
  • Ferrite EM/RFI suppression element
  • All KEVLAR stranded inner core
  • Heavy gauge copper-nickel alloy conductor
  • 5.0mm high gloss 550 degree F silicone jacket
  • 90 Deg. Spark Plug End
  • Deliver Maximum Energy
  • Provide Superior Performance

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